The number of missed kerbside bin collections in Brimbank rose last year.

Data collected by the state government shows that 11.91 bins per 10,000 households were missed.

The number is up on the 10.62 recorded for the 2015-16 financial year.

Brimbank council said the number fell within expectations, but it was higher than the state average of 4.51.

Despite the rise, the number of requests for collection fell from 202 per 1000 households to 194. Although the number is down on last year, it is significantly higher than the state average of 101.

While collection-related statistics are higher than average, Brimbank is paying considerably less than other councils for recyclables collection.

Brimbank council pays just $7.97 per kerbside recyclables collection bin, while other councils pay an average of $37.34.

A council spokesperson attributed the saving to a rebate provided by the council’s processing contractor.

“Brimbank City Council endeavours to deliver an effective, cost-efficient kerbside recyclables collection service for our community,” he said.

“There was a significant reduction in cost for the service this financial year due to an increase in the rebate for recyclable material provided by our processing contractor.”