A partnership between Brimbank Bicycle Education and Taylors Lakes Secondary College is bearing fruit, with young mentors making a difference.

What started as having students come
and help with maintenance at the bike centre, has grown into year 11 and 12 students mentoring primary school pupils learning to ride a bike.

Bicycle Education Centre president David Bennett said the results had blown him away.

“We’ve had some incredible results with kids coming out of their shells and showing their leadership potential,” Mr Bennett said.

“The kids run the outdoor part of the program, coaching the younger kids and getting them ready to ride.

“It’s been an incredible opportunity for the youngsters to gain skills in leadership and mentoring.”

Mr Bennett said the bike education centre had more than 50 school visits throughout the year, and the response from Taylors Lakes Secondary College had been overwhelming.

“The school is saying too many students want to come and give it a go now, and they’re trying to spread it out more,” he said. “It’s a unique partnership that gives these students opportunities to develop these skills that they may not develop in traditional schooling.

“The compassion and care that the students show with some kids that have never ridden a bike, or who are new to Australia, is amazing to watch.”