Ballan residents could have several “pocket parks” to enjoy by the end of next month, thanks to the efforts of the local arboretum group.

The group, which plans to plant a selection of tree varieties around the town, campaigned for some vacant public land to be transformed into small parks.

Ballan Arboretum Group chairwoman Stephanie Day said Moorabool council recently gave the green light to develop two miniature parks at Edols Street and Steiglitz Street and the parks should be ready by the end of July.

Ms Day says the aim is to “plant purposeful trees in purposeful places”.

“Some trees have already been planted at the entrance of the town so that you get a sense of arrival,” she says.

“We want people to see something beautiful and slow down and enjoy the scenery. We also want to provide a lovely green space.”

The parks will include local species of trees and seating designed by a Ballan stonemason.

Ms Day says the initiative was a collaborative effort between the Chamber of Commerce, the arboretum group and a local resident.

She hoped that the parks would help drivers reduce speed and improve the area.

“Our initial thought was, ‘how can we provide an area where you can get out with the kids and throw a ball, sit in the sun or just read a book?’” Ms Day said.

“We decided to plant trees … to make the scale of that stretch of the long roads in the town feel more domestic rather than feeling like a freeway.”