It’s the little things – such a humble barbecue that can turn a house into a home.

That was the thinking behind Beta Sigma Phi’s donation of a barbecue and record player to the memory support unit, Bill Featherstone House, at Baptcare’s Wyndham Community Lodge.

The unit, which opened earlier this year, has been designed with a homely feel for residents with early to middle stage dementia who can no longer live independently yet who retain sufficient memory to be active.

Pam Garfield, who belongs to one of the five chapters of Beta Sigma Phi in Werribee, said members were keen to offer residents some creature comforts.

“We thought rather than donate the money to Alzheimer’s Australia, which would be a drop in the ocean, we thought to donate it to Wyndham Lodge,” Ms Garfield said.

“We wanted to give something that would benefit the residents.

“Over the years, there’s been several members of the chapters who have developed dementia … it’s so prevalent now and it can hit anybody.”

Beta Sigma Phi is a cultural women’s organisation that meets twice a month and operates under the themes of life, learning and friendship.