Building a third way to cross Sunbury’s railway line is a priority as the town’s population and traffic surges, according to Western Metropolitan MP Bernie Finn.

Mr Finn called on Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan in Parliament last month, asking her to put plans for Sunbury’s third railway crossing “firmly on her list for action”.

“A third railway crossing in town has been on the agenda for many years and locals are now expecting action,” he told Parliament.

There are currently only two ways for vehicles to cross the train line – the level crossing on Gap Road and the Macedon Road overpass.

Mr Finn, who uses Sunbury roads every day, said the two crossings were often congested. He said traffic was particularly slow because cars were delayed at the level crossing when a train comes through. An incident at one of the crossings means there is only one alternative route.

“There has to be some way people can get to Vineyard Road apart from the two ways we have,” Mr Finn said. “Sunbury is not a little country town any more. Most certainly it’s time we saw some action, particularly with the upcoming growth explosion.”

He suggested a link from Jacksons Hill to Vineyard Road.

He said he would also push for Opposition Leader Matthew Guy to introduce a third crossing if he is elected as premier next year.