VicRoads has ruled out installing safety barriers along a stretch of Vineyard Road.

The decision is in response to resident fears an accident could happen at the new Diggers Rest Early Learning Centre and Diggers Rest Medical Centre, which backs on to Vineyard Road.

Diggers Rest resident David O’Connor, who is leading the campaign, said he was “perplexed” about why the issue was not raised before or during construction of the centres.

“Many residents feel uncomfortable with the possibility that a vehicle could easily leave the road and potentially collide with buildings,” Mr O’Connor said.

“The chance of something happening there might be slim, but it still needs to be considered.”

Vineyard Road is a state arterial road controlled by VicRoads.

A VicRoads spokesperson said requests for safety barriers were considered based on the number and type of vehicles, type of roadside hazards, the safety record of the site and costs.

“VicRoads has carried out a detailed investigation of the site, including a site inspection and a review of the crash history in the last five years, ending 30 June, 2017,” he said.

“VicRoads’ assessment found that there are no significant roadside hazards present at this location, vehicles posed no obvious threat of ‘running’ off the road, and the delineation of the road is considered appropriate. In the context of the above, VicRoads does not consider installing safety barriers at this location at this time.”

Mr O’Connor said VicRoads had told him Vineyard Road would continue to be monitored, with the safety and operation of the site to determine the need for any improvements.

“We’ll continue a campaign for the barriers despite VicRoads’ response,” Mr O’Connor said. “The safety issue is detrimental to the longevity of the new early learning childhood centre.”

Melton council wrote to VicRoads in November requesting that it look at the possibility of installing safety barriers.