Pint-sized archer Amelie Cheung will be showing off her bow and arrow prowess on Channel Seven’s Little Big Shots this Sunday.

The nine-year-old Seaholme girl is already a Victorian champion – less than two years after joining Werribee Archery. She’s broken four state records so far.

She will be strutting her stuff alongside other gifted children from across Australia with host Shane Jacobson, who Amelie likened to a big bear.

“I thought, ‘Wow’ – he was so big,” she said. “He was like a big Santa Claus, but like a bear.”

On the show, Amelie’s targets include balloons and a tiny apple.

“Normally, I shoot at 18 metres but to be on the show I had to shoot at 10 metres because that’s how big the stage was,” she said.

“I practise three times a week, each time for one and a half hours … if a tournament comes up I will shoot maybe four or five times a week.

“My goal is to travel the world doing archery and represent Australia in the Olympics and win gold.”

The show will air from 7pm.