Macedon Primary School is working to ensure its playground is a bully free zone.

Last week pupils took part in anti-bullying workshops run by not-for-profit charity Bully Zero Australia Foundation.

Videos and role play exercises were used to teach the children about all types of bullying and their consequences.

The pupils were encouraged to be proactive in looking out for their peers by safely stepping in when someone is being bullied – acting as upstanders, rather than bystanders.

The workshops dealt with cyber bullying, protecting personal information online and talking to strangers online.

Bully Zero team members also talked with school staff about working on an anti-bullying culture.

Parents were invited to be involved too, learning about the applications that can help monitor children’s online behaviour and support systems for children experiencing bullying.

Principal David Twite said the prevention program was a “proactive idea” to promote positive health and wellbeing.