Police have vowed to crack down on trouble-makers around Hobsons Bay’s beaches in the wake of a holiday rental being wrecked by partygoers and an attempted car jacking at Altona.

The Hobsons Bay summer policing crew is up and running from this week, mainly focused on Altona.

Sergeant Adam Wojcik said there would be “zero tolerance” for antisocial behaviour.

“We’ll be working every hot day possible to ensure people who go down to the Altona and Williamstown beaches can do so safely, and we won’t be tolerating antisocial behaviour from those who choose to partake in that type of activity,” he said.

He said uniformed and covert police would be targeting offences such as drinking in public, offensive behaviour, shop stealing and theft of personal belongings from the beach.

“Obviously, the train line brings people from everywhere into Altona,” Sergeant Wojcik said.

“When they do, we’ll be there and making our presence known.”

Smoking on the beach or drinking alcohol in public are each punishable with a $200 fine. Indecent language could cost $317, while antisocial behaviour could cop a $634 fine.

Inspector Michelle Young said it was up to beachgoers to know where the no-alcohol areas were. “Apart from if you’re at a licensed area, the public areas are dry zones,” she said.

She urged people to use the beach lockers to store their valuables.

There are 60 lockers next to Norfolk Cafe opposite Altona beach available for hire seven days during opening hours.

People can hire a locker by showing photo ID and buying a $5 waterproof wristband from the cafe.

“Police remain very committed to retaining the safe environment and we have dedicated police who work very hard to ensure that occurs,” Inspector Young said.