VicRoads is reviewing safety at a notorious freeway exit at Altona Meadows where two cars slammed into a wall in the space of a fortnight.

The cars crashed while attempting the tight turn on the Newland Street off-ramp from the Princes Freeway.

Altona Meadows Community Association president Jodi Martin said she had contacted VicRoads to request improvement to what she considered a black spot.

“Newland Street is the main entry way to our suburb and it’s two things – ugly and extremely dangerous for people not aware of the tight turn,” she said.

“I hear of an accident or near miss there every week.

“Many people in the suburb are concerned it is only a matter of time before a major incident occurs.”

She said many crashes at the corner went unreported.

VicRoads only records casualty crashes – those in which people are injured.

There have been five recorded casualty crashes involving vehicles exiting the off-ramp at Newland Street in the five years to 2018. Three resulted in serious injuries.

To be eligible for federal black spot funding, a location is required to have at least three casualty crashes in five years.

VicRoads transport and planning director David Teague said options to increase safety at the off-ramp were being reviewed.

“Keeping people safe on our roads is our No.1 priority and we’re investigating ways to improve safety at the Newland Street off-ramp,” he said.