Imagine having to go without creature comforts such as furniture, technology and electricity.

More than 200 grade four Alamanda College students experienced just that recently when the entire year level took part in this year’s 40 Hour Famine.

The students got involved in the annual fundraiser when learning about human rights, equality and equity. In particular, they were moved by a video about a young Syrian refugee who had to flee her country due to war.

Tanisha said while the video made her feel very lucky for everything she has in life, she also felt a sense of unfairness that another child was living in such poverty.

The eight classes gave up furniture, technology and electricity – no iPads, no TV, no computers, no tables, no chairs and only limited stationery – for two full school days to raise vital funds for those in need.

Tanisha said while she found it hard to live without furniture, she discovered she wasn’t too concerned without technology.

William added: “Furniture was the hardest because my back ached after those school days.”

For Isaiah, the experience was a great way for him to distinguish between needs and wants.

“We realised we actually didn’t need most things, like iPads – we can live without that,” he said.

The students raised more than $4500 during the fundraiser, which will be sent to students in South Sudan who are going through an extreme famine crisis.