Fears have been raised that Aircraft railway station could have no ramp access when the Aviation Road level crossing is removed, leaving some commuters stranded.

Station modifications are being considered as part of the level crossing removal.

Hobsons Bay councillor Colleen Gates said the Level Crossing Removal Authority seemed to be looking at stairs and lifts to get people on to platforms, but no ramps.

She said people didn’t want a repeat of the “debacle” that was Laverton station, which underwent a $93million rebuild without ramps in 2010 and had more than 100 lift breakdowns within 10 months.

“The dialogue with the community has always been focused on ramp access, particularly in light of the ongoing issues with lifts at Laverton station and the inaccessability that creates for elderly, disabled, families, parents with prams and so forth, so I’m quite alarmed,” Cr Gates said.

Anne Knight, a member of the council’s level crossing Community Interest Group, said the lifts at Laverton station had been “a disaster”.

“They’ve already had to completely replace them because they’ve broken down all the time, but I’ve been told that they’re still regularly out of order,” said Ms Knight, who uses a walking frame.

If lifts are not working at Laverton, passengers who cannot use stairs are advised to get off at the following station, which is Aircraft.

“If they put lifts in at Aircraft and have the same sort of problems, will they send people down to Williams Landing?” Ms Knight said. “How far away have you got to go?”

LXRA project director Tony Hedley said a final design had not been decided.