Staughton College students had time to shine at their annual arts and technology showcase last week.

The school’s exhibition included artwork, media, visual communication and design, music, theatre, food technology, woodwork and construction projects from years 7 to 12 students.

Year 11 student Ella Davis (pictured) was among those who showed off their creations at the October 24 event.

Media teacher Shelley Eckel said it was a time to highlight the students’ work.

“We were celebrating the amazing work our talented students have done throughout the year,” Ms Eckel said.

“Students, parents, staff and the community were invited to the official opening which was on Tuesday night where people were greeted with live music, delicious food and an array of artwork and films.

“Visitors were wowed by the effort and creativity of our junior, middle years and senior students. We can’t wait to see the amazing work they produce in the next few years.”