TERRIFIC TREK: Jillian Head is putting her best foot forward to support the work of Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Ms Head, from Footscray, will take part in a trek along the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory to raise money for the network, which is also known as BCNA.

She will start the five-day, 64-kilometre walk next week with 14 women affected by breast cancer for company.

“I am really looking forward to connecting with these women and hearing their amazing stories,” she said.

Ms Head, who works as a programs officer for the network, said the organisation supports, represents and connects Australians affected by breast cancer.

“The focus is not so much on breast cancer as a disease, but on creating a powerful voice to enable women and men to be well informed, and to receive the very best treatment and care after a diagnosis,” she said.

Ms Head said that she had originally hoped to raise $3000, so was “very stoked” to have raised more than $4290. The women participating in the outback trek have raised a combined total of more than $68,000.

To help raise money, Ms Head has held cake stalls and sausage sizzles, and organised a “dance in pink” event for her friends.

“One thing that I have discovered during all my fundraising is the power of community,” Ms Head said.

“When we all pull together, it is amazing what can be achieved.”

To support the cause, visit donate.grassrootz.com/bcna/outback-adventure/jillian-head.