The quest to find Melton’s hottest musicians is on again.

These talented singers and songwriters were among 18 entrants selected to perform at last Saturday’s heats for the Melton Star Search, which is open to residents seven years and up.

Event organiser Jasmine Lynch said there were many new entries in this year’s quest and some who had returned for a second shot at stardom.

“The performers have been asked to do two contrasting pieces so that they can showcase their skills,” she said.

“They are also judged on their stage performance and costume, as well as their voice, so that the judges can gauge whether they really deserve to make it through to the finals. We had 32 people apply and narrowed it down to a field of 18.

“It’s going to be a very tough job as a judge because it’s such a tight competition.”

Eight singers have made it through the heats and are headed to the finals to be held next Thursday (September 28) at Melton Community Hall.

Prizes up for grabs include gift certificates, free music and dance lessons, plus the opportunity to record a song and have it played on local radio station 97.9 FM.

“Even just getting into the competition, the exposure and performance opportunities that come afterwards are priceless,” Ms Lynch said.

“The audience is going to hear people in their community showing off their talents. It should be a lot of fun.”