A Mill Park resident has accused Whittlesea council of ignoring a three-metre wide hole in the footpath outside his Oakbank Avenue home for the past 12 months.

Ivan Kalsey said he has been waiting a year for the council to repair the path, after a section of it was removed last May after it was damaged by a tree.

He said the tree, which was subsequently cut down by the council, also damaged a retaining wall at the front of his property.

Mr Kalsey said he contacted the council on a number of occasions to ask them to repair the path but his requests have been ignored.

“They need to fix the path. A number of people have fallen down and hurt themselves, including kids,” he said.

“They have left the ground uncovered for 12 months.”

Mr Kalsey said the council has refused to pay for the damage to his wall, despite his insurance company ruling that the tree was to blame for the damage.

He said it would cost about $12,000 to fix the wall.

Council’s city transport and presentation acting director Kristen Jackson said officers had been in touch with Mr Kalsey over a number of months and had investigated a liability claim.

She said the council was unable to comment on the specific outcomes of the claim.

However, the council intended to complete repairs to the footpath in the coming weeks, Ms Jackson said.