Part of Cookes Road will be upgraded to make it easier for trucks to transport produce from Mernda’s Costa Mushroom Exchange to market.

The state government has provided $300,000 to upgrade the road as part of its Roads to Market Program.

The grant, along with co-investment from Costa Mushroom Exchange, will help Whittlesea council to widen and seal a section of Cookes Road.

Work will also be done to improve left and right turns at the intersection of Cookes and Bridge Inn roads.

Costa Mushroom Exchange, which is Australia’s largest grower of pre-packed mushrooms, regularly uses the intersection and will be one of the major agricultural businesses to benefit from the work.

Yan Yean MP Danielle Green said  the upgrade would provide a safer surface for heavy vehicle ranging from 12 to 68 tonnes and allow for better maneuverability at the intersection.

“Agriculture is one of this state’s most important industries and to get produce moving more efficiently we need the right infrastructure – that’s why we’re backing this upgrade to Cookes Road,” she said.

“This investment in Whittlesea’s road network will boost the productivity of farm businesses and their supply chains, putting them in a better position to compete in international markets and create local jobs.

“These upgrades will improve agribusiness and supply chain productivity and improve the country road network for all users.”

The Cookes Road upgrade is one of 39 projects, worth $13.44 million that will be funded this year in a bid to improve connections from the farm gate to arterial roads, receival points and markets.