Suggestions to improve Sunbury are gaining traction among a group of residents and shopkeepers who have been meeting to discuss ‘‘dangerous’’ ideas.

The Cafe of Dangerous Ideas is an initiative of Sunbury Community Health (SCH), which opened late last year and has included roundtable meetings at which participants have explored opportunities to improve the town.

Initiating community “get to know you” activities, creating teams to welcome new residents and a new cultural food festival were among ideas raised.

SCH child, youth and family services general manager Marcus Bosch said the concept had sparked some “really good conversations”.

“The early stages were very much putting ideas out there whereas now we are looking at where do we go from here,” he said.

“We’ve done a lot of talking through the strengths of Sunbury and looking at how we can make it better, through some of those ideas and others.”

Mr Bosch said residents from all walks of life were encouraged to take part in the next phase of the project.

“We’re looking to explore how we can use the group to move some of these ideas along,” he said.

Another idea proposed was setting up neighbourly “sharehoods”, where barbecues or social media connections are organised on a street by street basis, to share information, skills and tools.

The next event is at The Valley Cellardoor, in Macedon Street, from 6pm next Tuesday. Details: 9744 4455