Juggling a business and children is never easy – just ask Melton mums Lara Jennings and Brooke Findley.

They say they don’t balance their family life with work; instead they try to have everything “flow”. Sometimes it’s the kids who need more attention than the business and other times it’s vice versa.

The pair are in the running for the AusMumpreneur title, an award that recognises Australian mums running businesses.

Ms Jennings officially launched Offspring Education last year, while Ms Findley has been running online store The Organic Place for the past two years.

“I think what makes a successful mumpreneur is someone who can look at a problem and fix it,” Ms Jennings said. “What are my options and how can I fix it?”

Unlike Ms Findley, Ms Jennings says she’s had family and friends she can rely on to help out. When Ms Findley started her business, she had three children under the age of four.

“And that’s why we decided to go with an online store – we couldn’t man a shop front,” Ms Findley said.

“You learn from it, you keep swimming, you grow with it every day.”

The winners of the 2016 St George Banking Group AusMumpreneur awards will be announced this Sunday.

To vote for Ms Findley or Ms Jennings, visit www.ausmumpreneur.com.