Backstreet’s back in Braybrook, alright?

Caroline Chisholm College is going back to the ’90s with its latest stage production, 90s Popstars, featuring a killer pop soundtrack from the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and MC Hammer.

The musical is set in a school in the ’90s when student Mark is head over heels in love with girlfriend Shannon.

But when Shannon learns pop-band producer Simon Austin is the surprise judge at a state talent show, Mark is kicked to the curb by his stardom-chasing girlfriend and drama ensues.

The show has been put together by 80 students across all year levels, from behind the scenes to up on stage.

The cast has been in rehearsals since week one of term two.

They assemble twice a week to be coached by four staff members, who are in charge of direction, choreography, costume design and vocals.

“We chose Popstars because we try to do a non-Disney production every second year and the ’90s was such an iconic era with colour, boy bands, girl bands, amazing pop songs and fashion,” performing arts teacher Cailin Debrincat says.

“We knew it would be a showstopper, with a story that the students can really relate to and have fun with.”

Shows are at the school’s Quin Auditorium on August 18 and 19.

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