After their historic win on Saturday, the Western Bulldogs are set to play in their first AFL grand final in 55 years.

Since the victory, we’ve seen celebrities showing support (hello Chris Hemsworth), we’ve seen painted houses and pubs, but most importantly, we’ve been able to meet the club’s furry fans.

To celebrate this unforgettable moment, we’ve found 18 of the cutest and cuddliest Bulldogs supporters to get you pumped for the grand final.


1. This Pomeranian cutie is all tuckered out after the excitement  of the big win

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    2. Sid the adorable Western Bulldogs mascot


3. Look at those eyes

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    4. Chester is such a big fan he even has his own jersey

  Chester is the dogs biggest fan ?⚪? @westernbulldogs #bemorebulldog A photo posted by Ebony Von Schlippe (@ebbyvon) on


5. Bentleigh is the definition of #BeMoreBulldog

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    6. This little guy is ready for the big day   



7. Gracie is getting in her beauty sleep before the big game

    8. This gorgeous pup can barely contain her excitement 


9. Audrey the pug is ready to see the Western Bulldogs win

    10. Max the Malt can’t wait for the weekend

Max the Malt can’t wait for the weekend! Go Doggies!! #bemorebulldog ??⚪️ A photo posted by Doggy Dooz (@doggydooz) on


11. This well-dressed pug is not keen on Sydney supporters

Ready for next Saturday. Are you? #bemorebulldog #westernbulldogs   A photo posted by Gerard Ramirez (@rard_ramirez) on

    12. We’re pretty sure Millie is the Western Bulldogs’ No.1 fan


13. Another little Pom ready to don the red, white and blue

    14. Look at these two chocolate-coloured cuties

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15. The Western Bulldogs’ youngest supporter

Wishing dad and the team the best of luck in today’s VFL grand final!! ?⚪️? #bemorebulldog #doggies?   A photo posted by Philippa Jean (@philippajean5) on

    16. Just try to tell this guy you’re not a Bulldogs supporter


17. These two characters are ready for a big win 

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    18. Even this cat is taking one for the team

#bemorebulldog ❤?️?? A photo posted by Shae Birmingham (@shaeashleigh) on