Rick Byers has been volunteering in Attwood and Westmeadows for more than 25 years. He was recently named as joint citizen of the year for Hume. He chats with Laura Michell.

How long have you lived in Attwood and what brought you to the area?


We moved to Attwood in 1990. We had a flat in Ascot Vale and were looking to expand the family. It seemed like a nice quiet area and I was familiar with it having grown up in Glenroy. It was affordable and had everything I needed.


What do you like about the area?


I like the village atmosphere and the shops at Westmeadows. I can walk down to the pub if I choose. I rarely go anywhere these days without saying “G’day” to someone I know. It’s a nice little area.


How long have you been involved with Attwood House Community Centre? How did you get involved?


I think it’s since late 1991 or 1992. I was part of a tree-planting program through Greening Australia and asked the community house if I could plant trees near their site. I got involved with the community house over the next few years and I’ve been there ever since.


What’s your connection to Westmeadows Football Club?


My son played there for six years and I did goal umpiring. A friend of mine got me in to coach. I was involved with junior football for seven years and Auskick for 20.


What do you enjoy about volunteering?


I always take the view that somebody has got to do it. My dad was a good role model. He was involved with Glenroy Youth Club and I joined the committee there at 17. I have been on committees pretty much ever since.


Where is your favourite local place to spend time?


Where I live backs on to Attwood Creek. It is a lovely walk along there. And it is even nicer if the destination is the local bakery or