Peter Lalor community garden president Steve Allport believes it is important to volunteer in the community.


What’s your connection to Whittlesea?

I have lived in Lalor for 24 years. I used to live in Reservoir but we couldn’t afford to buy there so we bought in Lalor.


What do you like about Lalor?

I live in a very quiet court and we have never had any trouble. We have [Epping] plaza, Northern Hospital, bus lines and trains nearby.

Everything is here.


What, if anything, would you change?

The only thing is – we still have all the power lines up in the street. It would be good if they could be put underground eventually.


How long have you been involved in the Peter Lalor Community Garden?

I’ve been involved with the garden for 10 years, I’ve been on board since about day two of the garden.


What do you enjoy about volunteering at the garden?

It keeps me out of trouble. The garden (group) is very multicultural and we do a lot of socialising. People like to come down for a cup of coffee or tea, bikkies and a chat. I think it is important to do community work and that everyone should do a couple of days per year.


Are you involved in any other community groups?

I used to be involved in the men’s shed. I started it up with Bronwyn Halfpenny and it is doing really well these days.


If someone had never been to Lalor, what would you say about it to entice them to the area?

I would say that there is a lot around here for people to do. There is the men’s shed, the garden and the U3A at the school, as well as lots of other groups run by volunteers.