Eric Bunn is president of the Bacchus Marsh and District Photography Club.

What’s your connection to Moorabool?

I live in Bacchus Marsh. I lived in Melton for 28 years and I’ve lived in Bacchus Marsh for 13 years now. There was no specific reason [for the move], I just felt like I needed a change.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Moorabool?

It’s a little bit more rural. Melton was quite small when I arrived. Now it’s a lot more populated. Bacchus Marsh is getting more urban, but 13 years ago it was quite ‘countryfied’. Bacchus Marsh has a very local feel.

What would you change about the area if you could?

[Road works to reduce] traffic congestion. I’m not far from the main street, but school times are just horrendous. And we also need to have more public transport options.

Where’s your favourite place to hang out in Moorabool?

Just the local coffee shops. My favourite one’s Baby Black probably; it’s a bit eclectic, has good food and good music.

Why do you think photography clubs are important in small towns?

I think all small communities need groups for like-minded people. Photography is easy to get involved in – most people have phones and cameras – and clubs are a good way of getting together, meeting people.

What can people expect from the Bacchus Marsh and District Photography Club?

We have competitions between ourselves that are judged by members and professional photographers as a means of improving and upskilling the things we do. We have workshops, social evenings and outings where we might go to a national park or market.

What’s the secret to a good photo?

Patience. Spend a bit of time on getting the perfect shot; don’t rush.

Where’s your favourite place to photograph?

I personally like old buildings and structures. My favourite old structure would be the bridge in Deep Creek, just before Anthonys Cutting. The lighting’s nice and it photographs especially well in the early morning or evenings. There are a lot of great places around Moorabool for landscape, architecture, urban and wildlife photos. Most people’s photography interests can easily be catered for in the shire.


The Bacchus Marsh and District Photography Club meets 7.30pm on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at the Darley Neighbourhood House, 33 Jonathan Drive. For more information, call 0402 476 331.