Plumpton mum Rebecca Mizzi wants a world that’s “full of kindness and love” for her one-year-old son Isaac.


What’s your connection to Melton?

I live in the area, I work in the area, and I’ve been a part of quite a few of the community groups – I do yoga, I’ve done a lot of children’s groups since having a baby, and I dance.


What’s the best thing about living in Melton?

I really like the great programs that the council runs. I think we’re really lucky that we get support from the council – they’re always trying to match the different needs of people living in the area … and just the diversity of the people, and how lovely everyone is … I’ve always come across nice people here.


What would you change if you could?

Probably the police situation – the closest police station we’ve got is at Caroline Springs, but that’s not manned all the time.

So the main thing would be a 24-hour police station, or maybe even another one – the area is so big for one station to cover.


Where’s your favourite place to hang out?

We have a really nice park in our estate I like taking my little one to.

Otherwise, the Caroline Springs lake is really nice, and the shopping complex.


What are you passionate about?

I guess just creating a nice environment.

I’ve become a mum in the last year, and we want to create as much of a positive space as possible … just surrounded by people who are positive, friendly and helpful.

And people who are going to impact your life in a positive way. [I’d like a world] full of kindness and love for Isaac.


What’s been some of the greatest challenges you’ve faced as a first-time mother?

Lots of things … I had a lot of problems with breastfeeding, and I found the breastfeeding support from Melton council was fantastic – if it weren’t for them, I don’t know how I would’ve coped.


And some of the best things?

Definitely watching your child grow up. The way they rely on you and the love that they give to you is indescribable.


You were involved in Melton council’s I Belong project recently – why was this something you were passionate about?

When I was asked to take part, I thought it was another amazing thing Melton council is doing to introduce people to know others who are also living in the area.

I want to leave a world that’s full of kindness and love, and a happy place for my child, and that’s why it’s important to embrace diversity … at the end of the day, it’s about treating people nicely.