Nathan Fioritti loves Rockbank, an area he describes as “where the rural and urban distinction begins to blur”.

What’s your connection to Melton?

I’ve lived in Rockbank my entire life. I went to high school at Caroline Springs College and have been working part-time at a supermarket in the area for seven years.

What’s the best thing about living in Melton?

We live on a rural property, which has been useful as a musician making a lot of noise. The great thing is that, despite this, we’re not far from anywhere. I can be at the library or shops within five minutes or in the city in half an hour. It’s been pretty interesting growing up here because of all the changes. Caroline Springs didn’t exist when I was younger. I remember watching the place gradually develop on the way to and from school every day, right from when the rocks were removed from the soil and a giant hole was dug for the man-made lake.

What would you change about the area?

That’s a difficult one. The west of Melbourne is very diverse, and I think we’re better for it, but there seems to be a bit less of that as you travel further out. I think Melton could do with a bit more diversity and a bit less of some of the negative sentiment towards others that emerges at times. It was a really sad day when the Reclaim rally happened near Woodgrove a few years ago. Also, public transport is pretty impossible … there used to be a bus stop for us on the Western Highway, but that went when it became a freeway.

Where’s your favourite place to hang out?

I’m a huge book nerd, so I’d probably have to say the libraries first of all. A friend and I meet up every odd week at the youth centre in Melton to use the rehearsal space there. I’m glad there are a lot of programs at libraries and centres like this for young people. I know I’m crossing over to Moorabool territory here, but there are also some nice cafes in Bacchus Marsh … my favourite is called Baby Black.

You’ve been backed by Western Chances scholarships – how did that help you out?

The scholarship meant I could afford a drum kit … this then led to me taking up guitar as well, and having Western Chances support me while at university.

Where do you see yourself heading?

I’m currently working full-time as an engagement communications officer at The University of Melbourne … it’s very possible that I’ll still be doing that.

It would also be nice to be able to afford a house sometime soon.

I’ve done some freelance writing, and even got to work as a political journalist on Spring Street for Youth Parliament, so journalism is always a possibility. I’ve also thought about following an academic research path, and might return to university for further study.