No one is more critical of those cheesy hard-hat shovel photo opportunities than this columnist. And there has never been more reason for more of these photos to be taken, so I say bring it on.

The recent announcement of several multimillion-dollar developments in and around the Werribee CBD is welcome. And while it’s long overdue, I’m all for it. I don’t care which politician, developer, councillor, council representative or community leader wants to don a hard hat or grab a shovel for a happy snap, as long as the money is forthcoming for a ‘Lights. Camera. Action.’

This, coupled with the redevelopment of Chirnside Park and the all-new Pacific Werribee, is giving the City of Wyndham a total makeover. The East Werribee business precinct adds another dimension and Wyndham Harbour is living up to expectations.

The proximity to Avalon Airport is an emerging positive, and the expansion of services there continues to bring commuters and tourists into our part of the world. The Werribee Mansion precinct is a treasure that’s becoming less hidden, which is a good thing.

These improvements should make all the difference in attracting future business and investment. There are challenges with infrastructure and moving people in and out of the city, whether by public transport or car. This must be improved.

There is no point having all these wonderful facilities if no one can get in or out of the city. As a community, we must embrace the changes taking place and be more receptive and positive about the final outcomes; not get bogged down in the day to day issues.

This is where good leadership should come to the fore. Often a lack of information leads to conjecture, rumours and unrest. Transparency is something our leaders must adhere to. We are adults so tell us exactly what is happening.

We can handle the truth; we welcome it. Don’t sugar-coat or spin-doctor anything. When you look at the big picture, there is a lot to like about the future for poor old Werribee.

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