A  week really is a long time in politics, isn’t it? Since my last column, a lot has happened with regard to the youth detention centre. There has been a lot of discussion on social media, some of it productive, some not. Here are my observations:

The personal agendas and egos of some people have reared their ugly heads, but fortunately that hasn’t skittled the aims of this campaign, nor has the infighting of some of the people involved in driving it. A public campaign needs to be transparent in every way, from the people right through to the money and the aims and direction of the group.

I can say that, when asked, the Speak Out Wyndham group did supply all committee details. If you’re going to represent the people, you have to take on board their thoughts and opinions, and often you won’t agree with them, but that’s reality.

You also need to be ready and prepared for feedback, something that overwhelms some people and causes a knee-jerk reaction that is not always in the best interests of the cause. If the comments are personal then you have every right to defend yourself, but if they’re about the operation of the organisation then treat them accordingly and don’t overreact. It might be upsetting, but react with logic, not emotion.

Logic and common sense will win this fight to relocate the YDC. Emotion, ego and personal agendas will railroad it.

Frankly, it’s irrelevant how you are going to vote in the next state election. The YDC will be a building site by then and Tim Pallas will probably have announced his retirement.

Instead of political grandstanding and point- scoring, put real pressure on the minister by offering alternative sites. Who cares whose job it is to come up with the sites? Whether it’s a community group, the council or a political party, the sooner we get this on the table, the better. That should be the priority, and anything else should be put on the back burner. Time is an enemy here, but fortunately we are dealing with a government in disarray and we need to take full advantage of that situation.

Let’s focus on getting the YDC site moved.


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