What can we commuters do about the West Gate Bridge – apart from whingeing? Last week’s tragic accident highlighted what everyone already knows – we need an alternate gateway to and from the west.

Politicians of all parties have let us down on this for decades. They have spoken about it, commissioned studies, legislated plans for a solution and even paid for it – then ripped it up and presented another one.

The bottom line is, last week the west was effectively shut off from the rest of the city.

In all honesty, we all expect that when there is a fatality like last week.

What is driving all of us who use the bridge nuts is the daily crawl from the bridge to the tunnel when there is no accident or apparent reason. Lane closures so invisible workers can do invisible work are maddening.

The time taken to clear broken down vehicles and those involved in minor accidents is not acceptable. When I am stuck in this constant gridlock, I am not thinking of which political party promised what – I just want it fixed.

People suggest the answer is moving jobs from the city to provincial hubs. In the long term, that is a very sensible option – but it will take time. Even the East Werribee precinct is years away from having a real impact.

We are all the victims of political pigheadedness.

It is becoming increasing obvious that the East West Link was and is a good idea that, unfortunately, became a political pawn.

In a sea of ego, one-upmanship, party politics and personal agendas, a tangible solution to a decades-long ongoing problem was flushed down the gurgler followed by fistfuls of taxpayer money.

What’s done is done, but it is now time to find the best solution to the problem.

If that means revisiting the past then so be it, because from where I sit (front seat of my Ford, stuck in yet another bumper-to-bumper crawl past the Bradmill site), the time has come for an end to this misery.

Put politics aside for once and do what is right for the people.

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