So far, so good: The new council is in place, and the city is still functioning.

The new councillors have elected a mayor in Henry Barlow, which will be interesting. Henry was not the biggest fan of this column or columnist in his previous stint on council, but that – as they say in the classics – is the past.

All the councillors (except one) expressed their goals and hopes for their term in office in this newspaper after they were elected. For some, this was their first foray into the media as paid local representatives, and most handled it well enough, saying warm and fuzzy things, such as: “I am extremely passionate about Wyndham” … “I want to be part of the solutions,” and, “I bring a true local community voice to council”.

Mentioning local and small business, jobs, schools and roads ticks all the boxes a new council needs to address.

Being on council is about serving the people you represent, not yourself, a point every councillor should have indelibly etched in their minds. Whether it is dealing with this columnist, this newspaper or any media outlet, rise above any personal grievances and think of the bigger picture – your constituents, your ward and your city.

That is what you took on, and that is what we expect.

This is also an opportune time for the air to be cleared in reference to any issues hovering over any councillor. This constant, lingering cloud of doubt and innuendo is not healthy, and does not inspire confidence in ratepayers, residents and business people.

We are involved in many major projects, and it would be detrimental to the future if these were jeopardised. Deal with it now, so everyone can get on with the job of running the city of Wyndham for the next four years.

I am not here to bash the council or the councillors. I simply ask questions, and question the actions of council and its representatives. If you are doing your job and you have nothing to hide, then there will be no issues.


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