This month’s Wyndham council election is the gift that just keeps on giving. Thankfully, it will all be over by the end of the month.

Firstly, let me address those who have contacted me and asked my opinion on candidates – I will not publicly endorse any candidate. That is my choice. I believe there are many well equipped, qualified and decent people running for council, but also far too many just overcrowding the ballot paper and confusing voters. In response to comments that not nominating for election precludes me from voicing my opinion in the future – what world do you live in?

This election must be the most expensive ever run in this city, judging by the volume of material in my letterbox, paid advertisements in this newspaper, street signage and the paid use of social media platforms. My letterbox has been flooded by reams of pamphlets, flyers and envelopes from a number of the 41 candidates in my ward.

To the candidate who left a plain envelope containing election material marked ‘urgent’ – grow up. The only thing urgent here was your lack of respect for my space.

To those candidates with numerous spelling and grammatical errors in your campaign material – if your attention to detail is this poor before the election, then heaven help us if you get elected. To the candidates who slid multiple copies of material into my letterbox – what a waste, I only have one vote.

To those other candidates who have made no attempt to engage me, part of me says ‘thanks’. Another part of me is questioning you, the system and the potentially disastrous outcome of this shambolic election process.

Wyndham council is an important business and requires people with astute business acumen to run it, and to make big picture decisions for the present and the future. I am still concerned at the political motivation of so many candidates. I hope I am wrong, but I fear some turbulent times ahead for the city in the wash-up of this poll.

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