I  am not sure if I am wise to express the following opinion because I might upset some people in the process, but here goes.

There are certain things in life I don’t like, and it is not because of any hidden reason or agenda – I just don’t like them. I think that is fair enough, but because I don’t like it does not mean I don’t want others to enjoy it. There are sports I don’t particularly like or care to watch, but I don’t want them banned or taken off prime-time television.

Let’s say – as a hypothetical – I said I didn’t like a women’s AFL game. Would that be because I am sexist, a misogynist or that it was a bad game of footy? I know it is the latter, but I am not sure everyone would see it that way.

If I say I don’t like a football caller because their style, sense of humour, voice and turn of phrase annoy me, would that be OK if the caller was Kellie Underwood? Would it be different if the caller I didn’t like was Brian Taylor?

Everyone seems to be looking for deep-seated social implications whenever someone expresses an opinion.

Sometimes the actual explanation is as simple as ‘I just don’t like it’. End of story.

I have never been to the opera or bought an opera record, yet I can appreciate the voices and musical talents. Same goes for most punk rock.

My point: I didn’t say I don’t like female football or female football callers and that I can’t stand opera or punk music, but unfortunately that is what some people see or hear and they react accordingly.

Some appear so hell bent on being outraged that they stop listening and start attacking. Generalisations do no one any favours (is that a generalisation?).

Whether it is blondes have more fun, left-footers are better kickers or Volvo drivers are all old, you are asking for trouble with broad sweeping statements and you probably deserve what you get.

Before you make your next, similar proclamation, think how much it irks you when someone portrays everyone from the west as moccasin-wearing bogans.

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