Star Weekly looks back through the pages of our predecessor, the Werribee Banner 


40 years ago

September 8, 1976

In a most bizarre episode last week relatives queried auctioneers of a Werribee property regarding the whereabouts of a missing land owner. Questions asked as to his whereabouts at the auction were left unanswered by those conducting the sale.


30 years ago

September 10, 1986

Western suburbs police will soon launch a program through local schools to attack the problem of under-age drinking in the west. The program called “Survival Revival” was announced by its co-ordinator Senior Constable Ross Crowhurst, at the Werribee Police Station on Friday. It’s designed to make children and parents more aware of the dangers and their responsibilities towards under-age drinking through newsletters and lectures.



20 years ago

September 11, 1996

Werribee Hospital will seek to employ overseas medical staff to fill jobs left vacant by tired and over-worked Australian doctors. If doctors are not found, the 24-hour casualty ward service could be cut back. Hospital executives have applied for special approval to recruit doctors from countries like New Zealand.



10 years ago

September 6, 2006

Identifying a ute seen at Lollypop Creek in Wyndham Vale last Wednesday night, when two drums containing 400 litres of diesel were dumped into the waterway, could help catch offenders. The Environment Protection Authority has asked any witnesses to provide information relating to the incident, which has poisoned the creek, killed wildlife and angered authorities and environmentalists.