Footscray Mail

June 25, 1955

Councillor Alfred Edwards, 62, a former mayor of Footscray, collapsed when he left general sessions on Wednesday after a jury had found him guilty of stealing a tennis racquet from the Myer Emporium. The jury reached their verdict after deliberating for five hours. Judge Cussen, who said Edwards’ action was almost unbelievable, considered he has suffered a great deal and placed him on a bond of £10 to be of good behaviour for three years.


Altona Star

June 25, 1975

“Backward thinking” by the administrators of Altona’s youth club hall in Civic Parade has forced a group using the hall to move its classes to Footscray. Mr Barry Pang, who has been running Kung Fu classes at the hall since October, says the committee in charge of the hall care only “for profit, not for the kids”. It is because of what Mr Pang calls the committee’s “backward thinking” that he has decided to transfer his twice-weekly lessons to a Footscray hall.

Williamstown Advertiser

June 25, 1975

The Coffee Shop social centre in Electra Street, Williamstown, is carrying on, with the qualified approval of people who live nearby. A conference discussed its problems recently. Councillors Charles Bates and Neville Mashford, nine residents and nine members of the shop management attended.


Footscray Advertiser

June 25, 1975

Footscray council’s beautification chairman and anti-litter crusader Cr Matt Harris is hopping mad. “If I see any more debris fall from vehicles in our streets, I’ll make sure it is dumped on the steps of Parliament in Spring Street,” he declared yesterday. Reason for his wrath was several large sections of an old metal tank had fallen from a truck in busy Somerville Road, Yarraville, at 11am on Tuesday of last week.